Right Triangle Trigonometry

Triangles are figures with three sides. There are different types of triangles. They are equilateral triangles, right triangles, scalene triangles and so on. Trigonometry is the study of the triangles.

We are going to deal with Right triangle.

What is Right Triangle Trigonometry

A right triangle is a triangle with on of the angle with measure 90 degree. The figure of a right triangle is given below
Right Triangle Trigonometry

Sides of a Right Triangle

There are three sides for a right triangle.
The longest side of the right triangle is called the hypotenuse.
The bottom side of a right triangle is called the base of the right triangle.  The other side is known as the altitude.
The angle opposite to the longest side will be the largest and the angle opposite to the smallest side will be the least.

Hypotenuse of a Right Triangle

The longest side of a triangle is called the Hypotenuse of the
triangle.  It is the side opposite to the right angle.

The sides of the triangle satisfies the theorem known as Pythagoras Theorem.

Pythagoras Theorem

If a is the base of the right triangle, b is the altitude of the right triangle and c is the hypotenuse, then by Pythagoras Theorem, we have
Hypotenuse2 = Base2 + Altitude2
That is a2+ b2 = c2.
Lets consider a few examples:-

Area of a Right Triangle

When the area of two sides of a right triangle is given, then the area of the right triangle is given by

Area equal to half of the product of lengths of the sides.
Let b and h be the sides of the right triangle, then Area = $\frac{bh}{2}$

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