Sets and Relations


In daily life, we have to deal with collections of objects.

For example: (i) collection of odd natural numbers less than 15 (ii) all vowels of English alphabet etc.

Each of collection is a set

We will discuss here about the different properties of sets


The concept of relation refers to association of two objects.

Let A, B be two (non-empty) sets then a relation from A to B is a rule which associates elements of sets A to elements of set B.

We shall discuss different kind of relation

Sets and Relations Representation

Representation of a set can be in following 3 ways

  1. Description set
  2. Roaster method or table method
  3. Set builder method

Types of sets

  1. Finite set
  2. Infinite set
  3. Empty set
  4. Universal set
  5. Cardinal number of a finite set
  6. Equal sets
  7. Equivalent sets
  8. Overlapping sets
  9. Disjoint sets

10. Subsets

11. Proper subsets

Word problems consists of a condition in which equation are formed using basic operation on sets

sets and relations examples

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