List of Geometry Formulas


Geometry is the part of mathematics. Geometry is the study of shape, size in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional.

Formulas for 2-Dimensinal

Area of geometrical figure

1. Rectangle area= l $\times$ w
Where l=length and w=width

2. Square area= s2
Where s= side

3. Triangle area=1/2 b $\times$ h
Where b= base and h=height

4. Trapezoid area=1/2 h(b1+b2)
Where h=height and  b1,b2= bases

5. Circle area= $\pi$ $\times$ r2
Where r=radius

6. Sector of circle area=1/2 $\theta$*r2
Where r=radius
7. Ellipse area=$\pi$ $\times$ a $\times$ b
Where a = semimajor axis and b= semiminor axis 

8. Parallelogram area=b $\times$ h
Where b=base and h=height 

9. Annulus area=$\pi$(R2-r2)
Where R = outer radius and r=inner radius

Perimeter of Geometrical Figure

1. Rectangle, P = 2l + 2w
Where l = length and w = width

2. Square, P = 4s
Where s = side

3. Triangle, P = a + b + c
Where a,b,c are side

4. Trapezoid, P = a + b + c + d
Where a,b,c and d are side

5. Parallelogram, P = 2a + 2b
Where a and b are side

Circumference of geometrical figure

1. Ciircle, C = 2$\pi$ $\times$ r
Where r = radius

2.  Ellipse, C= $\pi$(3(a + b)) - √[(a + 3b)(b + 3a)]
Where a = semimajor axis and b = semiminor axis

Formulas for 3-Dimensinal

Surface area of geometrical figure

1. Cube, S = 6s2
Where s=side

2. Rectangular solid, S = 2lw + 2lh + 2wh
Where l = length ,w = width and h = height

3. Sphere, S=4$\pi$ $\times$ r2
Where r=radius

4. Right circular cylinder, S=2$\pi$ $\times$ r $\times$ h + 2$\pi$ $\times$ r2
Where r = radius and h = height

5. Torus, S=4$\pi2$ $\times$ r $\times$ R
Where r=tube radius and R=torus radius

6. Right circular cone, S=$\pi$ $\times$ r(√(h2+r2)+r)
Where r=radius and h=height

Volume of geometrical figure

1. Cube, V=s3
Where s = side

2. Rectangular solid, V = l $\times$ w $\times$ h
Where l=length ,w= width and h=height

3. Sphere, V=4/3 $\pi$ $\times$ r3
Where r=radius

4. Right circular cylinder, V=$\pi$ $\times$ r2 $\times$ h
Where r=radius and h=height

5. Torus, V=2$\pi2$ $\times$ r2 $\times$ R
Where r=tube radius and R=torus radius

6. Right circular cone, V=1/3 $\times$ $\pi$ $\times$ r2 $\times$ h
Where r=radius and h=height

Uses of Formulas

Formulas are used to figure out the answers in a quicker way.

Example 1:

A water tank is of length 120cm, width 100cm and height 80cm.What is the Volume of the tank?


We are asked to find the volume of tank for the given length, width and height.
The tank is in the shape of a Rectangular.

For finding the answer, we make use of the formula.

V = L × W × H

V = 120cm x 100cm x 80cm

V = 960000 cubic cm

Example 2:

A park is of length 250 meters and width 220 meters.

What is the perimeter of the park?


Here, we need to find the perimeter of the park.

The park is in the shape of rectangle.

So, the answer can be found easily by using the formula.

P = 2 (L + W)

P = 2 (250m + 220m)

P = 2 (470m)

P = 940m

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