Geometry is the branch of mathematics which deals with the measurements of angles and its properties. It deals with shapes, sizes and constructions of various geometric figures. We usually learn lot of theorems and corollary of which is being used in problems for solving different kinds of problems in circles, triangles and other application.

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Learn basic and advanced concepts: triangles, parallel lines, straight lines, geometric constructions, angles at a point, area theorems, volume formulas, similarity, loci and concurrency theorems and rectilinear figures.

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This page provides geometry help for high school students. The levels of geometry specifically at high school levels are attended to. The students get to learn about the basic levels and also for the high school level topics. The tutors help students practice working with the concepts so that they become proficient in the subject.

Geometry is one of the key academic subjects. We are trying to provide you here geometry help for high school students and make your base learning strong. To grow in any concept, students need to have clear understanding of the basics. High school geometry includes basic geometry to advance topics. Understand these topics and concepts and become a geometry expert.

Students can choose their topic of choice from the following topics:

Chapter 1: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Chapter 2: Congruent Triangles

Chapter 3: Relationships Within Triangles

Chapter 4: Quadrilaterals

Chapter 5: Similarity

Chapter 6: Right Triangle Trigonometry

Chapter 7: Circles

Chapter 8: Perimeter and Area

Chapter 9: Surface Area and Volume

Chapter 10: Transformations

Enroll with us and experience the difference, master your basics and advanced geometry concepts and be an expert. We make math easy and fun.

Geometry Formulas

More or less we deductive logic in geometry. Few formulas which can be put are

1. Sum of interior angles = Exterior angle.

2. Area of the triangle = √s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c).

3. Sum of the angles of a triangle are A + B + C = 180.

4. Sum of complementary angles = 90.

5. Sum of supplementary angles = 180.

Geometry Problems

Below you could see geometry problems

Solved Examples

Question 1: The two sides of a triangle are 30 and 45 degree respectively.Find the other side of the triangle.
We knows that the sum of the 3 sides of the triangle is given by 180 .

So 30 + 45 + x  = 180

 x = 180 - 75

x = 105

Question 2: Find the complement of 46 degree
The complement of 46 is 180 - 46 = 44 degree.

Geometry Practice

Below you could see practice problems

Practice Problems

Question 1: Find the area of triangle given the side length are 8cm, 7cm, 6cm.
Question 2: Circumscribe a triangle with sides 7cm, 4cm and 5cm and also find the centroid of this triangle.