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Precalculus is that branch of study which is the base ground for calculus tutorial and free calculus homework help study. Solving Precalculus problems is not easy and so TutorVista has come out with Precalculus tutorials for your clear and better understanding of the concept. Following are few listed topics of precalculus that is covered by our tutorials:

• Sets

• Real numbers

• Complex numbers

•Composite functions

• Polynomials

• Rational Functions


• Matrices

• Limits and other precalculus topics

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Students can choose from the chapters given below:

Chapter 1: Rational Functions

Chapter 2:Inverse Functions

Chapter 3: Inverse trigonometry functions

Chapter 4: Exponents and Logarithms

Chapter 5: Complex Numbers

Chapter 6:Graphing Functions

Chapter 7: Solving Inequalities

Chapter 8: Conic Sections

Chapter 9: Derivatives