Algebra is a branch of mathematics derived from Arabic word al-jebr which includes the study of operation and rules of mathematical relations and functions, and algebraic structures. It also includes the study of matrices,relations, functions theory of equations.

The topics of algebra includes the following

  1. Matrices

  2. Determinants

  3. Functions

  4. Relations

  5. Algebraic equations

  6. Vectors

  7. Sets

  8. Group theory

  9. Factorization.

We have covered all the topics  for better learning.

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1) Solvethe equation x2 + 5x + 6


x(x+2)+ 2(x+3)

(x+2) (x+3)

The above are the factors of the given equation.

2) Solve2x-3/5 =2

2x = 2+3/5

2x= 13/5

x= 13/10.