Algebra Word Problems

Algebra word problems consist of the statement problems which includes problems from quadratic equations, linear equations and system of equations which we also refer it has linear programing methods.

Help with Algebra word Problems

The product of ages of peter and sam whose age is 5 years younger than peter will give me 6 .Find their ages.

So first analyze the problem and put down the steps accordingly

Step1: Let the age be x.

Step 2: The product of there ages is x(x - 5) = 6

x- 5x - 6 = 0

x- 6x + 1x - 6 = 0

x(x - 6) + 1 (x - 6) = 0.

x = 6

So there ages are 1 and 6 years respectively.

How to do Algebra Word Problems

My age is  3 years older than sisters age when there is a difference between my age and sisters age is 15 years find the sisters age.

Step 1: Read the problem thoroughly and determine the unknown or the quantity to be found in the problem. This will be the variable of the equation set up.

I need to find the age of my sister. So my first step would be to label her age as some variable, say ‘n’.

i.e. n = age of my sister

Step 2: Look for keywords and translate the English words into mathematical expressions. Connect these expressions according to the conditions given in the problem to form an equation.

In our example the keyword is ‘older than’. Converting this into mathematical language gives me the expression ‘n+3’. Since this is my age and also my age is equal to 15 the equation would be:

n + 3 = 15

Step 3: Solve the equation using the rules of Algebra.

Subtracting 3 from both sides we get: n = 15 - 3

So n = 12

Converting it back into English words we get “ My sister’s age is 12 years “.

Algebra Word Problems Examples

Below you could see examples

Solved Examples

Question 1: Max buys a can of corn at 2.00 dollar and a can of peas. If his total bill is of $5.00, find the cost of the can of peas.
Here we need to find the cost of can of peas.

So name it as variable x.

Keyword: total

Hence the operation is addition

Equation to solve here is: x + 2.00 = 5.00

Question 2: Sam has 7 marbles more than 5 times the marbles Shelly has.
Sam has 37 marbles. How many does Shelly have?
To find: Number of marbles Shelly has.

Variable: m

Keywords: more than, times

Operation: addition, multiplication

Expression: 5m + 7

Equation: 5m + 7 = 37

Practice Algebra Word Problems

Below you could see practice problems

Practice Problems

Question 1: A fruit bag has 6 oranges and 4 pears. How many total fruits are in this fruit bag?
Question 2: Martin ran 4 miles on Thursday. And he walked for 2 miles on Friday. How many total miles did Greg run or walk all together?