Algebra Questions

Algebra is a branch of mathematics which deals with the study of variables and working with equations. Students need to understand the concepts clearly in order to work with the equations and solve the problems.The Algebra questions resource is an extensive list of important questions and solved examples from all the topics under Algebra. It is an exhaustive compilation of all the problems and questions which are often considered as important types of questions that appear in the examinations.

Sample Algebra Questions

In Sample algebra questions we have selected problems from quadratic equations and linear equations.

1. Expand (7x - 9)4 using  (a - b)2 formula

2. Solve 3x - 9 = 7

3. The sum of squares of two consecutive numbers is 144 find the numbers.

Answers to Algebra Questions

Below you could see examples

Solved Examples

Question 1: Raza scored 30 marks in Math, x marks in Science and y marks in English. What is his total score in these three subjects?
Score in Math = 30

Score in Science = x

Score in English = y

Therefore, total score in these three subjects = 30 + x + y

Question 2: Three times a number x is 12 less than twice the number Express this statement using literal numbers, numbers and the sign basic operations.
Three times a number x is 3x

12 less than twice the number y means 2y – 12

Hence the given statement can be represented as 3x = 2y – 12

Practice Algebra Questions

Below you could see practice problems

Practice Problems

Question 1: (a) Write down 12 p2q3 in product form.

(b) Write 2 × 3 × x × x × x × y × y × y × y in exponential
Question 2:
Suppose you are y years old and your father is f years old.

(a) What does the statements y + f = 50 tell you?

(b) How would you express in symbols the statements that your father is more than 20 years older than you?