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Algebra home work help page gives an understanding about how to go about the questions asked in algebra and tries to go through the step by step ways of analyzing and solving the problems. Learning algebra step by step process leads to accurate and precise answers.

Algebra Homework Help Step by Step

If we are given a problem we can analyze that and solve it using the required steps, for example if  I consider a problem such as  x- 27 and asked to find the roots of this equation. Then the step by step process can be evolved.

Step 1: x- 27

Step 2: x- 33

Step 3: Use a- b3 = (a - b) ( a+ ab + b2)

Step 4: (x - 3)(x+ 3x + 9)

Step 5: x = 3

Step 6: using quadratic equation formula we can find the values of x+ 3x + 9

Step 7: -3 $\pm$ $\sqrt{\frac{9-36}{4}}$

Step 8: -3 $\pm$ 3 $\sqrt{\frac{3i}{4}}$

Step 9: The roots are X= 3 and two complex roots 3$\pm$3$\sqrt{\frac{3i}{4}}$

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Let us consider two examples in this section we will try to solve how to product  two given matrices

Find the product AB if it exist for A = $\begin{bmatrix}
-1 & 3\\
4& -5\\
0& 2
\end{bmatrix}$  and B = $\begin{bmatrix}
1 & 2\\
 0& 7

A is a 3 x 2 matrix and B a 2 x 2 matrices.

Number of columns in matrix A = number of columns in matrix B = 2

Hence A and B are compatible for multiplication and the product AB is a matrix of size 3 x 2.

If AB = $\begin{bmatrix}
c_{11} & c_{12}\\
c_{21}& c_{22}\\
c_{31}& c_{32}
\end{bmatrix}$ then

$c_{11}= (-1)1 +3(0) =-1$              First row in A and First column in B

$c_{12}= (-1)2 +3(7) =19$               First row in A and second column in B

$c_{21}= 4(1) -5(0)=4$                    Second row in A and first column in B

$c_{22}= 4(2)-5(7)=-27$               Second row in A and second column in B

$c_{31}= 0(1)+2(0)=0$                    Third row in A and first column in B

$c_{32}= 0(2)+2(7)=14$                  Third row in A and second column in B

AB = $\begin{bmatrix}
-1 & 19\\
4 & -27\\
0& 14