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Algebra answers takes you through the steps of solving a question and how to arrive at proper answers using steps and deductive logic methods and logical methods of solving any algebraic methods.

Algebra Answers with Steps

If we are given a problem we can analyze that and solve it using the required steps, for example if  I consider a problem such as  solve for (x+3)2= 16  and asked to find the roots of this equation.Then the step by step process can be evolved.

Step 1: Given (x + 3)= 16

Step 2: Find the roots by taking square root on both sides

Step 3: x + 3 = $\sqrt{16}$

Step 4: x + 3 = $\pm$ 4

Step 5: x + 3 = 4  x= 1

Step 6: x + 3 = -4

Step 7: x = -7

Step 8: The roots are 1 and -7.

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How do you write the problem out so that you can solve it for your mother? Let us find out.

You figure out that if you neutralize the excess sugar by adding salt to the recipe in an amount that is exactly proportional to the excess sugar, your new recipe will be as good as the original. 

That is, a word problem involving fractions as below:

$\frac{2}{3} - \frac{1}{2}$ 

You proceed to work out the subtraction of these fractions:


= $\frac{1}{6}$