8th Grade Math Help

In the 8th Grade math, the tutors provide extensive training on concepts therefore leading to better understanding of the subject matter. The sessions are interactive, similar to a classroom, for active participation of the student in the learning process. Get your free math help grade 8 now. The virtual whiteboard makes the tutoring process more ‘real-time’ as the students get to share the problems and clarify doubts instantly. As a result, the students understand the concepts clearly and achieve better grades.

Online Help on Grade 8 Math

The Online help on Grade 8 math mainly deals with extensive topics from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, etc. The subjects include working with equations, expressions and reasoning.

8th grade math

The Arithmetic branch includes Number system, types and properties; Concept of Ratio and Proportions and work problems related to them; the concept of basics GCD and LCD and the working with Fractions and decimals.

The Algebra part in math help grade 8 includes working with Variables, Algebraic expressions, Linear and Quadratic equations, Working with Functions, Operations with Monomials, Binomials and Polynomials, Linear relationships and solving problems related to Inequalities.

The Geometry and Statistics branches mainly involve Basic constructions of geometric shapes, Co-ordinate geometry, working with Triangles and various theorems related to them, learning about lines (parallel, perpendicular, etc) and understanding the concept of Mean, Median and Mode functions in Statistics.

Get 8th Grade Math Help

Students can get 8th grade math help from the tutors available online.

The students can practice problems online. The example problems would provide a step-wise explanation of the calculations.

The students also have an option to post their questions on Answers on the TutorNext website. So get your grade 8 math help now with our tutors. They can get answers and suggestions from tutors and fellow students to.

8th Grade Math Practice

For 8th grade math practice, the students can take the help of the online tutors for better understanding.

The following is an example problem from Arithmetic for the 8th grade math practice:

In a class room there are 50 girls and 75 boys. Find the ratio between the boys and girls in the class?

Solution: Data given in the statement-

Number of boys=75, Number of girls=50

The RATIO between boys and girls is 75:50


= 25*3/25*2


Therefore the RATIO is 3:2.

Practice 8th Grade Math Online

The following is a problem from Practice 8th grade math online:

Find the slope of a line between the points (3, 5) and (8, 4)

Data given in the problem statement:

Points = (2, 4) and (9, 5)

Slope m = ?y/?x

m = (y2 – y1)/ (x2 – x1)

Here y2 = 5, y1 = 4; x2 = 9, x1 = 2

= (y2 – y1)/ (x2 – x1)

= (5 - 4)/ (9 - 2)

= 1/7

Students can choose from the following topics:

Chapter 1: Number Sense

Chapter 2:Linear Functions

Chapter 3: Equations and Inequalties

Chapter 4: Scientific Notations

Chapter 5: Integers

Chapter 6: Box plots and Histograms

Chapter 7: Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 8:Factors and Multiples

Chapter 9: Measurements

Chapter 10: Fractions and Decimals

Chapter 11: Percentages

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