Topics Covered under Grade 10 Math

Grade 10 Math is the foundation for careers in Engineering, Design, Architecture, Economics and Statistics. Therefore it is important for a student to understand math, as well as have good conceptual knowledge of the subject.

Topics Covered under Grade 10 Math

The main topics covered under 10th grade math are Geometry, Algebra, Number Sense, Calculus, Discrete Mathematics and Statistics and Probability. Under these topics, we have covered several different topics which may occur on a Grade 10 math syllabus. Get a free online math problem solver to learn more.


10th grade Geometry covers Areas related to circles, Circles, Constructions, Co-ordinate geometry and Analytical geometry. In Grade 10 Math, Areas related to circles include Area of sector, ring and segment and Example problems related to circle. Circles contain Problems on tangent of a circle.

Constructions in math grade 10, include construction review questions/answers. Co-ordinate geometry contains Co-ordinate geometry-Important terms and concepts, formulas related to triangle and Co-ordinate geometry review questions. Analytical geometry covers the Centroid Formula, locus and its equation and straight lines. You can access Geometry help and Geometry homework help from our expert online tutors.


Algebra contains the following: a pair of linear equations in two variables, polynomials, factors and factorization and the Binomial Theorem. The section on a pair of linear equations in two variables includes exercises on solving equations with two variables. The Grade 10 polynomials section also contains polynomials review questions and answers.

The factors and factorization lesson covers HCF and LCM, Surds and Simplification by rationalising the denominator. The Binomial theorem lesson contains the general terms for positive integral index and solved problems using the Binomial Theorem.

Number Sense

Number Sense covers Real numbers, Sets, Sequence and series and Linear inequalities. Real numbers contains a lesson on real numbers word problems. The Grade 10 section on math sets include different types of sets, subsets, the union and intersection of sets, complements of a set and solved problems in set theory.

The sequence and series lesson contains arithmetic progressions, geometric progressions and solved problems in sequence and series.


Grade 10 calculus lessons contain applications of the integrals and continuity and differentiability. Applications of the integrals cover the area between two curves and includes exercise problems. The continuity and differentiability sections include continuity, differentiability, different types of differentiation and solved problems in math Grade 10 continuity and differentiation.

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete mathematics includes Modular arithmetic, Mathematical reasoning and Graph theory. Modular arithmetic covers Modular addition and multiplication and Examples on modular arithmetic. 10th grade Mathematical reasoning contains Different types of compound statements, Algebra of statements and Solved problems in mathematical reasoning.

Graph theory covers Types of graph, Subgraph and supergraph and Examples on graph theory.

Statistics and Probability for Grade 10 Math

Statistics and Probability contain Probability and Statistics. Probability covers Example problems related to probability. Statistics includes Standard deviation, Mean, mode, median of grouped data, Analysis of frequency distribution and Grade 10 Solved statistics problems.

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